IHI汎用ボイラ IHI Packaged Boiler

★Comment from JPort Student Support Team

IHI Boiler is 100% subsidiary company of Japan's leading company in heavy industry sector, IHI. The company has branches in South East Asia, and you will become one of the first foreign nationals working for IHI Boiler connecting Japan and the World! High level of Japanese proficiency is required.

IHI Group aims to create a society where people can live in safety, security, and abundance. We aim to create a society in which nature and technology are in harmony to ensure the sustainability of the global environment and the people who live in it. Up to now, we have contributed to various industries and infrastructures by providing our customers with an indispensable product, "general-purpose boilers”. From now on, we will be tackling every challenge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 tow...