【1 day intern】Know more about Schneider Sustainability Business

Schneider Electric

■Overview Schneider Electric, originated in France, is one of the most sustainable companies. We have been committed to sustainability for over 15 years, and aim to be a role model within our own business and ecosystem, and part of the solution for our customers. Our sustainability initiatives are ranked 1st among 8,080 companies in the world (2021) and ranked 4th in the world (2022), in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (Global 100 Index) by Corporate Knights*, which is announced at the annual Davos conference. *Corporate Knight is a Canadian research firm that ranks and evaluates financial instruments based on corporate sustainability performance. On-site employees will explain the sustainability strategies that Schneider Electric implements and the sustainability solutions that we provide to our customers at this intern! ■Contents ・Explanation of Sustainability On-site employees will explain our sustainability business in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. ・Sustainability related Roundtable Feel free to exchange ideas about sustainability with employees and other students! ・Schneider New Graduate Program Introduction We will briefly introduce Schneider's New Graduate Program.



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■ Format 1 day intern・Company information session/Seminar ■ Venue Online ■ Selection Process Screen Process(EN & JP CV) ■ Portrait Those who are interested in energy management, industrial automation, DX, sustainability, manufacturing, etc.

Schneider Electric