Schneider Graduate Program

Schneider Electric

■Overview Schneider Graduate Program, a two-year program originated in Schneider Electric Global community, aims to develop next-generation business leader earlier and faster. After joining Schneider as a full-time employee, you will rotate to three assignments for 8 months each in two years, experiencing various business departments and occupations, and create your own career empoweredly. Once the training is completed, you will be assigned to a specific assignment and become a promising candidate for the leader position of Schneider Global community. ■Course We offer two courses in this program. Both are customized according to the opportunities that Schneider can provide based on your wishes. 1) Generalist course: From the perspective of broad understanding of different business and strengthening of networking with other departments, you will experience challenge missions in multiple departments and occupations (sales, marketing, planning, etc.). 2)Expert course: To dive deeply into a certain business, you will experience multiple rotations within the same department with different occupations, challenging missions in it. You are expected to become a business leader (expert) starting from a certain field.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs , Full-time

Work location

Japanese ☆☆☆☆, English ☆☆☆☆

Expected annual salary
¥4,600,000 ~

Application Requirements

■Portrait ・Those who are interested in manufacturing, sustainability, energy management, industrial automation, DX, etc.,as well as want to work on a global scale while building a technical career in Kansai (R&D in Osaka is international and inclusive). ・Those who have a strong desire to grow as a business leader early, greedily, and humbly. ■ Eligibility Those who are expected to achieve bachelor or master degree, or those who have achieved bachelor or master degree (within 1 year). All major is welcome. For international students, it is desirable to acquire JLPT N1. ■ Process 1. Submit resume (Japanese & English) 2. Participate in company brief or 1-day intern 3. Personnel interview 4. Groupwork interview 5. Final interview 6. Offer


■ Starting salary: fixed annual salary of 4 million yen+ * Partial fixed overtime (15 hours per month of work allowance not considered legally stipulated) is included. ■ Working environment: New Ways of Working Our goal is to provide an efficient and flexible working way that fits every individual ・Work location / working hours You can hybridly work from home or at office. You will be assigned to Tokyo or Osaka, but there is also the possibility of being transferred to other domestic bases and overseas. Standard working hour is 7.5, with 1 hour break and complete flextime system (no core time). ・Welfare Complete insurance, full payment of transportation expenses (according to internal regulations), Retirement Plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Global Awards Program, etc. ・Ability development/training system In addition to new hire training, employees can freely take a wide variety of e-learning courses and regional & global skills and leadership training.

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