English Writer / Journalist


⭐ Showcase global talents in articles to promote recruitment of foreign students in companies in Japan! ⭐ ◆Requirements◆ ・University students or working professionals who enjoy writing ・English level: Native level (IELTS 7.5 or above, TOEFL iBT 95 or above) ・Japanese level: Not required, but those with Japanese proficiency are also welcome ・Full remote work is possible. ・About one article every two weeks, working on a project basis ・1,000~3,000 yen per article (depending on number of words)



Employment Type
Others , Part-time

Work location

Japanese ☆, English ☆☆☆☆☆

Fixed salary
1,000~3,000 yen per article (depending on number of words)

◆Possible Tasks◆

・Write “Senpai Tips” articles about foreign employees in our client companies ・Sample: https://jportjournal.com/learning/senpai-tips/843231 (1700 words) ・Write relevant shukatsu articles ・Sample: https://jportjournal.com/article/5089 (600 words) ・Write summary articles for events (1000-2000 words)

What you can gain from this experience

◆Current companies of past long-term interns◆ Amazon、住友商事、Bloomberg、Tata Consultancy、Goldman Sachs、Accenture、AlphaSights Japan、UNHCR、ミスミ、Woven Planet, JPort by SPeak corp (Joined the Company as a full-time employee) ◆Articles about past interns ◆ https://www.wantedly.com/companies/company_4016652/post_articles/424272