For International Students! Long-term internship to create contents for students and supporting the international community


Be involved in everything from planning to execution. 📝🏃 International students who want to be proactive and take action on their own can grow through this internship. 【Help us expand our reach to international students in Japanese universities!】 ◆Application Requirements◆ ・Undergraduate students studying at a Japanese university ・Graduating in September 2024 or later ・English level: Fluent or native level ・Japanese level: Professional working proficiency (N3以上) ・If resident of Kanto region, able to commute to Roppongi office ・If outside of Kanto region, able to work from home ・Able to work 2-3 days a week for a period of at least 6 months. ◆Possible Tasks◆ ・Marketing, planning and execution for international students ・Acquisition of student users ・Planning and execution of community events for foreign nationals working in Japan ・Developing new client companies and sales ・Interviewing people to create articles ・Translation and creation of media articles ・Creation of SNS banners using online easy-to-use software, etc. 【Not just "experience", but experience in "growing a business in a startup."】 ◆Current companies of past long-term interns◆ Amazon、住友商事、Bloomberg、Tata Consultancy、Goldman Sachs、Accenture、AlphaSights Japan、UNHCR、ミスミ、Woven Planet, JPort by SPeak corp(Joined our company full-time) ◆Articles from Intern Alumni◆



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Roppongi office or remote work

Japanese ☆☆☆, English ☆☆☆☆☆

Estimated monthly salary
¥50,000 ~ ¥70,000

Application Process

Step 1. Apply through JPort Match  - Fill in your 100% JPort Match Profile! Step 2. Casual Interview at Roppongi Office (for students in Tokyo) or online (60 mins)  - with JPort Marketer、Founder Step 3. Two Days trial ・Those who pass the interview will be asked to actually do the tasks that they will actually be doing. ・Location: Roppongi office for those in Tokyo, online for those not in Tokyo Step 4. Application Result ・Successful applicants will receive a formal offer of an internship. ・Selection criteria will be based on fit with 👇 SPeak's Value.

SPeak's Value (Criteria for Selection)

#1 Move Fast 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ ◎Actively move on your own volition ✖️ Waiting around for tasks ◎ Always find your own solutions ✖️ Not starting because you think you can't do it. Don't set limits for yourself. ◎ Failure to look forward is OK, failure to look backward is not. ✖️ Not trying new things #2 Focus on Goal (KGI & KPI)🏁 ◎ Focus on Results ✖️ Taking action without numerical goals ◎ Be aware of KPIs from the planning stage ✖️ Planning without numerical target #3 User-First-*Oriented (U.F.O.🛸) 🎓🏢 💡 "Users" are the Senpai, students, ambassadors, and client companies. ◎ When deciding on something, think about what is best for the user ✖️ Make decisions while thinking only for yourself or the team. ◎ Be flexible for the user ✖️ Sticking strictly to the plan #4 No bullshit, be a Real Team to WIN,🔥 ◎ Speak frankly for the benefit of users and company growth ✖️ Not talking frankly within the team ◎ Respect ✖️ No personal attacks

Warm career community and contents unique to JPort

JPort is creating a "Second Home" for international students and has created numerous events, contents and products with that in mind. We would like to create more necessary contents and grow the community for international students in the process! Students who are selected for the internship are expected to plan and execute the project on their own!