JPort Regional Intern

JPort by SPeak corp.

✨Are you eager to support your fellow international students in Japan to kickstart their job-hunting journey? ✨ Application Deadline: March 15, 12pm * The application deadline is March 15, but may be closed earlier once the positions are filled. ◆ As a regional intern at JPort, you'll play a pivotal role in ◆ -Creating the JPort Ambassador Program with the JPort team and; -Managing the JPort Ambassadors (JAs) from your region! ◆ We're seeking individuals who ◆: - Have demonstrated leadership experience -Are passionate about helping others (e.g., experience in volunteering, teaching, student support activities, etc.) - Are creative and quick learners - Are proficient in both Japanese and English conversationally - Have familiarity with job-hunting or are eager to learn about it - It would be preferred if you already have a job offer if you're graduating March 2025 or earlier. Not required for those graduating after March 2025.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location

Japanese ☆☆☆, English ☆☆☆

Estimated hourly salary
¥1,200 ~

◆ Your Responsibilities ◆

- Encourage peers to apply for the JPort Ambassador Program (JA). - Assist in shortlisting candidates. - Ensure that JAs fulfill their responsibilities. - Facilitate effective communication between the JPort team and JAs. - Prepare an informative package for JAs regarding job-hunting in Japan with the help of the JPort team. - Conduct regular Shukatsu Study Sessions for JAs and their peers.

◆ Eligibility Criteria & Application Process ◆

Eligibility Criteria: - Must be a student enrolled at a university in Japan - Availability for~ ・March-April: 6-12 Hours/week ・May-August: 3-6 Hours/week. Application Process: Step 1. Apply through JPort Match  - Fill in your 100% JPort Match Profile! Step 2. Casual Interview at Roppongi Office (for students in Tokyo) or online (60 mins) with JPort Marketer Step 3. Two Days trial ・Those who pass the interview will be asked to do the tasks that they will actually be doing during the internship. ・Location: Online Step 4. Application Result ・Successful applicants will receive a formal offer of an internship. ・Selection criteria will be based on fit with SPeak's Value.

◆ What you will gain from this experience ◆

◆Current companies of past long-term interns◆ Amazon, Sumitomo Corporation, Bloomberg, Tata Consultancy, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, AlphaSights Japan, UNHCR, Misumi, Woven Planet, JPort by SPeak corp (Joined the Company as a full-time employee) ◆Articles about past interns ◆

JPort by SPeak corp.