Start in April 2023『Digital Division Course』


【Undergraduate/graduate students eligible to join the company in April 2023, regardless of employment history】 Lixil's Digital Division conducts day-to-day operations in the headquarters department. Roles/Responsibilities ・Leading business model and business process transformation through IT solutions ・Providing highly reliable IT services through stable system operation, etc. With the IoT in housing, the online availability of housing construction, and the changing work styles of employees, the Digital Division at LIXIL has a wide range of roles to play.



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【Undergraduate/graduate students who can join the company in April 2023 and graduated students with work experience are eligible to apply.】 ※ Universities and graduate schools, both domestic and international. ※ For graduates, any work history is acceptable. ・Major: Arts and Sciences ・Japanese language proficiency: N2 or N1 ・Qualified driver's license (both MT and AT are acceptable) ・Starting Salary  Graduate (Master's) Degree: 232,000 yen per month  Bachelor's Degree: 215,000 yen per month ・Other Benefits  Overtime pay, family allowance, commuting allowance, etc. Locations  Nationwide Offices  ※Work from home or commute, depending on the type of work you are in charge of. ・Working Hours 8:30-17:20 (7 hours and 50 minutes of actual work)  ※Work classification differs depending on the department to which the employee is assigned, so the start and end times may vary. Welfare and Benefits  Welfare facilities: Substitute dormitories for single employees, company housing, contracted recreation facilities nationwide, etc. ・Holiday Leave  Annual holidays: 126 days (as of 2021)  Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)  Other holidays, summer vacation, year-end and New Year's vacation, paid vacations, paid leave by the hour, congratulation or condolence leave, long-service leave, memorial leave, relaxed leave, nursing care leave system, etc. ・Salary Increases and Bonuses  Salary Increase: Once a year  Bonus: Twice a year (July and December)