Long-term internship at a World Wide Car E-Commerce company


Together with the Toyota Tsusho Group, one of Japan's leading companies, we are providing new value to society through innovation around the world, with IT and globalization as the core of our business. One of these innovations is our challenge to become the "Amazon of Cars"! Our goal is to provide a system that allows customers anywhere in the world to purchase cars or trucks with a single click, safely and securely, from Japan or anywhere else in the world, as long as they have an Internet environment. It is a business that will be open to the world's 8 billion people, something that no one else has yet achieved! Why don't you join us in this grand challenge? Our company culture is based on a "complete meritocracy. Our culture is not based on seniority, but rather, we select those who have a sense of ownership, work on their own initiative, and produce results for the appropriate positions. We actively encourage people to make suggestions and take on new challenges, regardless of their careers.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Tokyo Headquarters

Japanese ☆☆, English ☆☆☆

Estimated hourly salary
¥1,100 ~ ¥1,700
increase in salary(twice a year)


- Valid visa over 6 months -Students who want to gain experience as an intern - Long-term interns (1 year or longer) are welcome. - Full time 4-5 days a week is welcome. - Welcome to apply with your friends! - French, Portuguese, Spanish, German skill is a plus

Past interns at our company

We hire more than 10 interns every year from Keio, Waseda, MARCH, etc. Employment destinations of previous interns: Mitsui, Rakuten, Marubeni, Metal One, Softbank, Sapporo Beer, Fast Retailing, Citibank, and many other foreign banks. We have advisors and staff from major IT companies such as Rakuten, zozotown, UNIQLO, Lancers, Userbase, etc., and you can steadily improve your skills! Of course, we welcome many interns who go on to work for our company.

What we look for in a candidate

- Willing to acquire "business fighting skills" - Strong desire to convey Japanese products to customers around the world - Willing to work in a global environment. - Think independently and act on your own initiative - Willing to take on challenges and enjoy taking on new tasks - Desire to grow yourself in a fast-paced work environment