2024 Entry-Level Position: General Staff (GS) Course


This job is to support the shop from various angles at the headquarters. The job is divided into three divisions: the Creative Division—which is in charge of the "product" frontline, the Management Division—which supports the overall management of the company, and the Sales Division—which promotes the MIKI HOUSE brand to the world, in addition to other related business divisions. *Hiring is not based on job type, so there is a possibility that you will be assigned to a certain division in the first year depending on your individual career path.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs

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《Number of employees to be hired》1~3 people 【Creative Division】 - Product Planning - Production Management - Product MD 【Sales Division】 - Domestic Sales - Overseas Sales - Advertising/Sales Promotion - EC/Digital Marketing - Logistics Management 【Management Division】 - Management/Human Resources/Public Relations - Finance & Accounting - Business Development (Domestic/International) ※Specific job descriptions, benefits, systems, etc. are listed in more detail on the MIKI HOUSE New Graduate Recruitment My Page. 《Accepted Majors and Faculties》 All academic departments and disciplines are acceptable. * Accepting students graduating between September 2023 and March 2024. *Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 level required. *Also accepting candidates with the ability to speak Chinese at a native level. *Hiring people of all nationalities. 《Starting Salary》 250,000 yen 《Salary Increase/Bonuses》 Salary increase once a year, bonus twice a year (special bonuses given depending on performance) 《Other Benefits》 Commuting allowance, overtime pay, relocation allowance, childcare allowance, etc. 《Working Hours》 8:45-18:00 (8 hours/day, 75 minutes break included) *Varies by store and department. 《Holiday Leave》 115 days off per year, paid vacations (10 days in the first year), congratulation or condolence leave 《Insurance》 Health insurance, employee pension insurance, unemployment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance

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We want our employees to fully demonstrate their individuality and rich experiences, and to enhance their own skills and sensibilities. With this in mind, we offer different courses of employment so that each employee can develop his or her career according to his or her own personal aspirations. What kind of career will you pursue to expand your potential?

Creative Division

▼Product Planning: This section is where you will work as a key designer for a world-class brand representing Japan. The Product Planning section is responsible for planning and designing products in line with each season's sales plan, targets, and concept, while combining market needs and your own sensibilities. The designer is required to be able to create "products that will please customers," rather than just giving shape to his or her own tastes and ideas. Therefore, what is most important for designers is their passion for manufacturing and desire to help children and families all around the world. ▼Production Management: This section supports the production of over 2,500 items per year and ensures quality, which is MIKI HOUSE's greatest strength. The section is responsible for selecting partner factories that manufacture each item at the top level of quality, managing quality, delivery, and costs, and making daily adjustments to ensure that production proceeds without delay. In addition, you will inspect the safety and functionality of products before they are sold based on our own strict quality standards. ▼Product MD: This section is responsible for the creation of concepts, production, and sales plans for each brand and product, and is a key section of brand management that designs a series of processes from manufacturing to sales. Since this job plays a major role in the company's medium- to long-term management direction, it also involves sharing information with domestic and overseas stores and sales channels, including e-commerce. At times, you must visit stores to gather information on customer needs and trends directly from FAs and Store Managers. In this way, you will be responsible for maximizing the company's sales and profits.

Sales Division

▼Domestic Sales: Duties differ for each sales channel. This section is responsible for supporting the stores by conducting efficient operations, such as strategic staffing and estimating sales as an indicator of customer satisfaction, in order to meet the needs of the customers. Through negotiations with business partners, you will also acquire and renew sales space and plan fairs and events. Corporate sales engage in collaboration planning and product proposals with other companies in the form of BtoB. In recent years, we have collaborated with obstetrics and gynecology clinics and postnatal clinics, as well as stores in luxury hotels and other amenity proposals, to create new value that is win-win for both parties based on MIKI HOUSE's quality. ▼Overseas Sales: Duties differ for each store type. For example, for directly-managed store sales, you may be in charge of flagship stores such as Harrods in London, IFC in Shanghai, and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, etc. Wholesale sales to overseas distributors who share MIKI HOUSE's vision and want to promote the brand have also been expanding in recent years, and we are also developing new markets and stores. However, in order to negotiate with local distributors on an equal footing, a deep understanding of product knowledge and store management is required, so experience as a factory assistant at a store in Japan is also required. ▼Advertising/Sales Promotion: This section is responsible for branding both domestically and internationally through various media, expanding brand awareness, and boosting fans. We create high quality visuals and content such as posters, advertisements (SNS, commercials), videos, etc., and promote the brand through the most effective media. This section is responsible for all promotional activities. ▼E-Commerce/Digital Marketing: This section is responsible for digitally connecting with customers, with a focus on the operation of the official website. You will explore new services using customer data analysis to create a convenient and friendly purchasing experience. The section focuses not only on domestic but also on global EC, and is expected to create new business models. ▼Logistics Management: This section controls logistics and trade for the entire company, using digital and technological means. This section manages a large number of products, builds an efficient logistics network, and ensures that all sales channels around the world function smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Management Division

▼Management/Human Resources/Public Relations: This section is responsible for communicating the MIKI HOUSE brand to the world and building the future of the company. The ability to constantly anticipate global trends and set medium- to long-term management policies is required. Human Resources is responsible creating a rewarding work environment that matches the career and life visions of each new employee. Public Relations serves as a contact point for the media, including television and newspapers, and is responsible for disseminating information about the company's new initiatives, sports support, and other activities. ▼Finance and Accounting: This section deals with money, which is indispensable for corporate activities, and is also deeply involved in management. This job is especially useful for those who have qualifications such as mathematics or bookkeeping, as it supports the store and each department from a numerical perspective. While accurately and promptly analyzing and processing numbers, it manages the movement of money generated by daily corporate activities in detail and handles investments, fund procurement, and management for the development of the company. ▼Business Development (Domestic/International): This section is responsible for launching new businesses and developing new sales channels and markets by thinking outside the box. In order to enhance our brand value as an indispensable company in the world, you must be able to grasp the needs and insights that change with the times and give shape to your own ideas.