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■Brief Description Anyone under 30 years old when entering the company regardless of experience or nationalities.
We are looking for members who are proactive so we can togehter change and give impact on the society. ■Job Description Business Producer → Will be in charge of Business development, Starting up new business, Business incubation, B2B business planning, Business alliance, and M&A. Other areas include Sales consulting for B2B marketing support, Sales consulting to support marketing/ starting up new business/ planning nad organizing projects. Also will be accountable of Service planning, Planning and Directing web service mainly for social services, Management planning, Building strategy and analyzing management, Market analysis, Budget control, and Corporate PR / IR / Recruitment / Organizational Development. Engineer→Supporting Gaiax's portofolio companies in the area of product development mainly solving techinical issues. Will be in charge of web engineering, web system engineering, Planning / Designing / Developing / Engineering / Maintaining mobile services, Designing / Developing server and application infrasructure, Building / Maintaining server performance / security solution, Designing / Developing management tools.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs

Work location




Educational Experience does NOT matter (freshgrad, graduated, or international student are welcome)- Anyone under 30 years old when entering the company. ※ If an applicant meets all requirements above but with work experience, an applicant is eligilble to apply through "Hire by your Potential" process.


287,000yen Monthly Salary(Items: Base salary 100,000 yen、Position salary 114,000 yen、Overtime salary = predetermined number of hours=45 hours=73,000 yen) ※Numbers above is from 2019 ※Quarterly annual salary system ※If working 5 days per week (Number of days to work is negotiable)

Selection process

Entry-sheet selection Interview (multiple times)