Long-term Internship: Inbound Business Operations Assistant


【Job Responsibilities】 ・Creation of draft compositions in Chinese related to web advertisement placements ・Japanese ⇔ Chinese translation ・Gathering information on Chinese social media platforms 【Specific duties】 ・Preparation of documents in Chinese and Japanese ・Support in the progress of web advertisement projects



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Tokyo Office

Japanese ☆☆☆, Chinese ☆☆☆☆☆

Expected annual salary
¥1,400 ~ ¥3,000
*Possibility of full-time employee status conversion

Work Days/Arrangements

・2~5 days per week ・Location: Usually at the office (Kanda Main Office) ・Long-term internship = Available to work for 3 months or more *Consultation is possible for students who are unable to come to work.

The supervisor is also from China!・Mirei Yo-san

I'm Mirei Yo, originally from Fujian Province, China. I grew up there and came to Japan during my university years as an exchange student. Japan fascinated me, especially through anime and the novels of Haruki Murakami. Eventually, I found employment here. Now, as a supervisor at FEZ, I'm excited to work alongside long-term interns who can help elevate our business in China!