Engineering consultant: Two weeks summer internship in Tokyo


We are pleased to announce that our company will be holding a two-week summer internship in August/September 2024 at our Tokyo office. The programs are recommended to students who wants to take advantage of this summer by either - learn how the engineering and/or IT technologies they are currently studying or are highly interested in are being used in society. - are interested in a position that bridges technology and society. - are interested in working with people from different industries and backgrounds. [Period] 2 weeks between 19 August 2024 and 20 September 2024 [Location] KKE Tokyo office (Nakanoward, Chuou) [Available program (English)] 1. Initiatives of the structural design department as a multidisciplinary engineering company 2. 3D modeling and simulation-based design studies in product design 3. Visualizing manufacturing challenges through simulation - Technical consulting using fluid and powder analysis software, customizing of software - 4. Experiencing the process of business improvement through data utilization - Data science and its application to society - 5. Experiencing the process of new business development - New business related to structural analysis - 6. Next generation non-destructive testing devices - Business experience with 3MA なお上記は英語でのインターンシッププログラムとなっております。 日本語でのプログラムの方がより多くのテーマをご用意しています。 日本語プログラムへの参加をご希望の場合は、下記サイトをご確認ください。 [What participants can expect] ・Choose from 6 English themes of the business that interests you. ・Experience the work of 'engineers + consultants' who provide 'solutions' to customers' problems. ・Opportunities to test your IT or/and engineering knowledge, and learn more. ・Gain hands-on experience of the business you are interested in working with Japanese members. Improvement in problem-setting, problem-solving and presentation skills, as well as an understanding of the Japanese way of working. ・Opportunities to interact with on-site consultants, engineers and other interns. ・At the end of the two-week program, you will have a meeting and receive feedback from your mentor.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Tokyo office

Japanese -, English -

Meal allowance of 4,000 yen per day. Transport costs covered by KKE. If you live far away from the office, we will provide accommodation.