[F2F] Engineering consultant : 2 Days Externship


How to use technology driven solutions to resolve society problems ? ~Working as an engineering consultant in Japan~ Understanding your business partner's issues and proposing the most suitable solution is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, technology itself is not the key to make a better society : analyzing what is the source of the problem and elaborating a logical plan to improve it is the “consultant” part of an engineering consultant. If you consider working in Japan, are looking for a workshop in English, or simply want to get a better view of KKE business, this event could be the solution to your needs. During this 2 days externship, you will experience discussion and methodology for solution proposals, and learn some tips about working in Japan.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Tokyo Office

Japanese -, English ☆☆☆☆

We kindly ask all participants to manage and cover the transport and accommodation costs for the program. The company will be prepared with lunch for both days.

Purpose of the session

・Discover the mindset of an engineering consultant and learn about logical approach for problem solving ・Understand Japanese working and communication culture ・Seize the company working environment

Seminar Content

Day 1 ・Brief introduction on KKE ・Lecture about working culture in Japan ・Workshop guideline and instructions, start of group working Day 2 ・Tips for solution proposal and problem solving in general ・Suite of group working and presentation of your solution ・Feedback and discussion with recruiters

Available Dates

20-21 December 2023 at Tokyo 13-14 February 2024 at Tokyo *All events are held from 10am to 6pm. *Dates will be updated in due course. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis.


・Those who can participate for two full days. ・Those who can come to Tokyo. ・Those with a business level of English (Japanese is not required). ・Recommended for master's and doctoral students in the sciences (but those with art&humanities background or undergraduate students are also welcome).

How to apply

・Please click on the "Jump to Apply" button below and register your information on "Mypage" website to create an account. ・After creating an account, log into Mypage and complete the following two steps to apply for the two days externship. (1) Select externship dates. (2) Submit a short essay (400 characters or less). ・Once both are completed, your externship booking is completed. *If you already have a Mypage account for KKE, you do NOT need to create another account! You can check our latest sessions by looking into your Mypage. If you can't find the session information from your Mypage, please send us an email.