Engineering Consultant


There are four fields opened for the engineering consulting position. Please note that the openings are for those who can join in either December 2023 or April 2024. You will work as an "engineer consultant" working closely with customers to solve their problems in one of the fields described in the business description: construction and disaster prevention, information and communications, manufacturing or decision support. To which field you prefer to work in will be discussed during the selection process. 1. Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field Key business: Structural design, seismic diagnosis, reinforcement design/Tsunami, flood, ground motion analysis/Disaster risk and business continuity assessments/BIM system 2. Information/Telecommunication Field Key business: Network simulation/Radio propagation simulations/Data analysis and anomaly detection solutions/ Real time object detection 3. Manufacturing Field Key business: Thermal flow, granular, and electromagnetic field analysis/Contactless strain and displacement measurement service/CPQ configurators and solutions/Supply chain APS system 4. Decision-Making Support Field Key business: Marketing consulting/Risk analysis/Social simulation/Scheduling/Optimization Simulation



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs , Full-time

Work location
Nakano Ward, Tokyo

Japanese ☆, English ☆☆☆☆

Estimated monthly salary
¥280,000 ~ ¥300,000
Bachelor's degree: 280,000 yen / Master's degree: 290,000 yen / Ph.D.: 300,000 yen

Who we are looking for

We are looking for talents who are determined to become a professional engineering consultant to join our firm. As an engineering consultant, you will be meeting with clients to discuss their problems and needs from its root, offer engineering and technical solutions and follow through with the implementation of suggested solutions until the problem is solved. The position requires having both perspective as an engineer and a consultant: an engineer who has a deep understanding in technologies, explores then chooses an adequate method/technology to solve an issue and a consultant who sees things from the clients eyes and works side by side with them on problem solving.

Expected language skill before and after hiring

Many of the deliverables we provide to our clients are language-related, such as reports and proposals, and Japanese language skills are essential when working as an engineering consultant. However, it is not necessary to speak beautiful or perfect Japanese at the selection stage. We welcome the attitude of those who are willing to take on the challenge of understanding and communicating in Japanese. If you can say what you want to say and understand about 70% of spoken Japanese, please apply by visiting the 日本語ページ and clicking 「応募URLを開く」. If you are not confident, please click 'Jump to Apply' to submit your entry from this page. We look forward to your application from those who are willing to commit to working with us to fulfil your dreams and to learn Japanese!