Overseas Business Internship in the Video Production Department: assisted in accelerating Support ClipLine's Overseas Expansion!

ClipLine, Inc.

- 60% video production work, 40% associated international-related tasks - Japanese ↔️ English translation and documentation - Potential involvement with ABILI Clip (video-based execution support system) and other services - Target markets: North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location

Japanese ☆☆☆☆, English ☆☆☆☆☆

Estimated hourly salary
¥1,150 ~ ¥1,500
Based on your performance, possibility of being hired as a full-time employee!

Application Guidelines

- Graduation Date: September 2025 or later - Major does not matter - Languages: English (business level) or Chinese (conversational level) - Japanese (business level) - Required Skills: Experience in video editing with Adobe Premier Pro or have used it in class. - 3 days/18 hours a week (negotiable) - After starting the internship, in-office work is required. Remote work may be possible once you become familiar with the tasks. *For students from other regions, arrangements can be discussed.

Selection Process

Submit Resume / Screening ⇩ Interview in Japanese ⇩ Internship Offer

We have young international employees actively working with us!