2024 New Graduate Generalist in Tokyo (EN-JP Bilingual / Borderless Talent)


As a generalist employee of the Motoya Group, you will be involved in a variety of businesses, positions, and jobs. Employees in this track will join Motoya United, the holding company of the Motoya Group. Motoya United is the company responsible for the group's strategy and management functions. After joining the company, you will be given an individual career path based on your personal preferences and competencies, as well as the company's situation. You may be assigned to Motoya United to promote the group's management activities, or you may be assigned to one of the operating companies to provide on-site support. You may also be involved in overseas operations. In either case, you will initially be in charge of practical operations, but you will have the opportunity to grow through on-site work and training to acquire the knowledge, skills, and stance necessary for a this position. We expect three major directions in which you will be active in the mid- to long-term. The first is the development and evolution of existing businesses. As a generalist, you will be expected to achieve further development of existing businesses by utilizing your perspective of group management and your deep understanding of work and human organizations cultivated through your involvement in the field. The second is the creation of new businesses. You will be responsible for launching new businesses, whether in Japan or overseas, that will play a leading role in the future of the Motoya Group by taking utilizing the Group's resources and strengths. The third is to maximize the synergy of the Motoya Group. You will be responsible for maximizing the company's strengths by assembling strategies for the Motoya Group as a whole, as well as putting systems and rules in place.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs

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<Target Individuals> (1) Autonomy: A person who can act on his/her own initiative even in a fast-paced and changing environment. (2) Challenge: People who can face high goals positively and enjoy taking on challenges. (3) Diversity: People who respect individuality and support diverse ways of working. (4) Connection: Those who value connections with stakeholders and a sense of unity in the workplace. <Qualities we look for in a generalist> ① A person who enjoys coming up with new projects and plans. ② A person who likes to negotiate with others and lead a team. ③ A person who can formulate hypotheses and take action even in ambiguous situations. <Educational Background> - Those who will graduate from a university or graduate school in March 2024. - Graduated less than 1 year ago (work experience is not required).

Job Information

Positions: May be involved in a variety of positions, including corporate departments and administrative departments of operating companies. (There is also a possibility of being transferred to one of the operating companies.) <Employment Type> - Full-time employee (new graduate) - No fixed term - 3-month Probationary Period <The benefits of this position> - You will have a lot of autonomy and have the opportunity to think and plan your own projects. - You will be able to absorb knowledge and skills related to the Motoya Group's diverse businesses and corporate management. - You will be able to work in cooperation with the management and personnel with diverse strengths in each business.

Selection Process

① 1st stage interview ② 2nd stage interview ③ Personality Aptitude Test *Subject to change depending on the situation.

Salary & Benefits

<Salary> - Estimated Annual Salary: 5 million yen - Details: [Annual Salary Payment Method] Annual salary system (paid monthly in 12 installments, paid on the 20th of each month, no bonus) [Estimated monthly salary] 416,700 yen (including 108,390 yen for 45 hours of fixed overtime per month) [Other Allowances] Commuting allowance (based on company regulations, paid after separate calculation), overtime allowance (paid when overtime exceeds 45 hours of fixed overtime) <Benefits> - Salary increase and promotion: Once a year (June) - Retirement allowance: Available after 3 years of working - Dormitory and company housing: None

Other Information

<Work Style> 【Work hours】8 hours a day between 7:30~20:30 with 60 minutes break, Flexible working hours, No core working hours. 【Overtime】Approx. 20 hours per month 【Holidays】123 days (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) 【Paid holidays】15-20 days paid holdiays 【Other】Flexible vacations and remote work systems are available. <Work Location> [Tokyo Head Office] Toranomon Sugai Bldg. 4F, 3-18-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan *There is a possibility of nationwide or overseas transfers or transfer to an operating company.