Information Security(New Grads)-Management Associate Program

Tokio Marine Group

This position is for those who can start working from September 2024. This position is for future manager candidates in the Information Security Department to become a "Global Talent" that supports global integrated management. After joining the company, you will participate in the "Management Associate Program" for two years, during which you will rotate through Tokio Marine Group’s three global locations. The program begins with a two-week introductory training session at the Tokio Marine Group's U.S. office, followed by a two-year assignment to three different group offices worldwide. During this phase, you will be immersed in the Group's organizational culture and practices while your ability to adapt and global background will be evaluated. Additionally, you will be encouraged to gain expertise in your field while going through training to foster a mindset geared towards working effectively in a Japanese company. Upon completion of the program, participants will be assigned to Tokio Marine Holdings or one of its group companies around the world. The program is designed to deepen your practical experience in the field of information security and help you become a global leader in the industry.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs , Full-time

Work location

English ☆☆☆☆☆

Expected annual salary

About the training

The first 2 weeks of the program will feature an orientation at TMNAS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During this time, participants will formulate a plan to obtain certifications tailored to their area of expertise while being able to engage with mentors and receive valuable feedback. This approach extends to evaluations as well. Moreover, there is the possibility of a relocation to a different country aligned to your personal development plan. To ensure ongoing professional growth, it is crucial to maintain a forward-thinking perspective beyond the program.

Ideal candidate profile

・Share our group's purpose. ・Global-minded. ・Have a strong spirit to take on new challenges and pioneer new paths. ・Have ambition and a desire to learn. ・Interested in becoming an expert in business management.


【Skills and experience】 ・Basic knowledge in the field of information security. ・Advanced expertise in data analysis, time and project management, oral and written communication, team collaboration, and consulting. ・Adaptability to a dynamic environment ・Understand the importance of learning agility in business ・Have the ability to grasp new concepts, adopt alternative perspectives and adjust accordingly ・Proficiency in applying business concepts to diverse situations. ・Ability to analyze situations accurately and make productive decisions. ・Able to meet compliance standards and show ethical behavior in all aspects of work. ・Ability to empathize with others and to act in a manner that maximizes results. 【Educational background】 ・High GPA. ・Better to have Internship experience/Participation in a co-op program/Research experience in the field of information security.

Application Process

Estimated timeline: ・January 23, 2024 Online seminar & applications open for full-time positions   ↓ ・February 9, 2024 Deadline for applications   ↓ ・March 2024 Interview(Multiple rounds)   ↓ ・March 31, 2024 Official job offers (内定) to accepted applicants   ↓ ・September 1, 2024 First Day at Tokio Marine Group

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