Data Analyst (IDS Business Unit@ Tokyo HQ)

BD Japan

BD Integrated Diagnostic Solutions aims to enhance patient care throughout the diagnostic journey. They address testing needs by offering an integrated portfolio of solutions. From specimen collection to reporting results, BD provides innovative products for each step, including point-of-care testing systems, blood culture media, and women’s health diagnostics. You will be responsible for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying trends, and performing root cause analysis to uncover underlying factors affecting business outcomes. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate data into actionable insights that support strategic decision-making: - Collect and analyze data related to business KPIs. - Utilize statistical methods to identify patterns and trends in complex data sets. - Perform root cause analysis on KPI deviations to determine underlying issues. -Create and maintain dashboards and reports for ongoing analysis of business data. -Communicate findings and insights to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner. -Collaborate with team members to implement data-driven solutions to business challenges. -Stay abreast of industry trends and best practices in data analysis and KPI management. Preferred Software experiences: - MS tools such as PowerBI, PowerAutomate, and Excel. You will get hands-on experience on how our business is managed while analyzing data sets. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to propose and discuss the knowledge you have acquired during your study and put that into practice. Preferred Major field in Quantitative and Analytical Disciplines, such as Mathematics, statistics, Economics, computer science, data science, psychology Working Hours/Duration: Less than 8 hours per day (between 9:00-17:00), Less than 28 hours per week, Period between 1-6 months.



Employment Type
Internships , Internships

Work location
Tokyo Office

Japanese ☆, English ☆☆

Estimated hourly salary
¥1,500 ~ ¥1,500
Transportation expenses will be paid up to 1,000 yen for one way

About BD Japan

BD is one of the world's leading medical equipment and medtech companies, aiming to achieve its purpose of "Advancing the world of health™" by seeking new insights in the medical field to enhance the quality of diagnosis and treatment. We offer students the opportunity to learn and grow through internships, gaining an understanding of how BD and the healthcare industry contribute to society.

▼ Read Before Applying

▽ Working Conditions - Location: BD Japan Tokyo Head Office - Work Hours: Within 7 hours per day (between 9:00-17:00), within 28 hours per week - Duration: 1-6 months - Hourly wage: 1,500 yen ▽ FAQs - NO remote work. This is an on-site internship. - Transportation expenses will be paid up to 1,000 yen one way. - Accommodation fees will NOT be provided.