Business Job (April 2023 to March 2024 Graduates) at Shimonoseki


The department to which the person is assigned is determined by matching their skills with the department. Consulting sales, panel management, and research operations. - Consulting sales - Panel management - Research operations CAREER STEP: - Manage and develop team members - Become a position specialist. REQUIREMENTS: ① Experience - Those who have experience in achieving high results by devoting themselves to something and being creative in their own way. (Internship, Sports, Own Business etc.) ② Values - Those who can share and practice Venture Spirit Declaration and HR Policy. ※Venture Spirit Declaration: ※HR Policy: ③ Ability - Japanese skill: conversational level



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs , Full-time

Work location
Shimonoseki Offices

Japanese ☆☆, English ☆☆☆☆

Estimated monthly salary
¥291,938 ~


■Monthly salary (291,938 yen) Base salary 206,000 yen Fixed overtime Allowance: 75,938 yen Work-life balance Allowance: 10,000yen ■Other incetives Congratulatory Money: 100,000 yen ■Bonus Bonus(Twice a year), Achievement bonus(Once a year), Performance incentives(Once a year)