Global Business Job (April 2023 to March 2024 Graduates) _7.1 M Yen Position


Under the supervision of our executive officer, you will be involved in overseas sales and other overseas-related operations. -Sales activities to existing customers of overseas subsidiaries and development of new customers. -Communicate the sales policy decided by the head office to local members and design sales strategies for overseas subsidiaries. -Special assignments from executives, etc. *It depends on the company's priority tasks and the individual's skills. CAREER STEP: -Local sales manager to manage and develop local members -Responsible for launching new overseas offices -Take an important position in head quarter REQUIREMENTS: ① Experience -Those who have experience in achieving high results by devoting themselves to something and being creative in their own way. (Internship, Sports, Own Business etc.) ② Values -Those who can share and practice Venture Spirit Declaration and HR Policy. ※Venture Spirit Declaration: ※HR Policy: ③ Ability -TOEIC 800 and over ※TOEIC score is not necessary if you can speak business level English. -Japanese skill: Business level -Those who are immediately available for overseas assignments without regard to a specific country.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs , Full-time

Work location
Overseas Offices, Shibuya

Japanese ☆☆☆☆, English ☆☆☆☆

Expected annual salary
~ ¥7,100,000
*7.1 Million annual income is guaranteed for first 2 years. *Various allowances for overseas assignments are included in the annual salary of 7.1 million yen (guaranteed for the first 2 years).


Transferred upon joining the company and will receive 3~6 months training in Japan. May be assigned to work in the Shibuya office. Even if you work in Japan, we plan to ask you to work closely with overseas. Overseas business trip, etc. Working hours: 10:00-19:00 *Depends on the country


■Monthly Salary (291,938 yen) Base salary: 206,000 yen Fixed overtime Allowance: 75,938 yen Work-life balance Allowance: 10,000yen ■Other incentives Congratulatory Money: 100,000 yen Preparation Money for Overseas: 300,000 yen Overseas Work Allowance: 50,000 yen/month Oversea Housing Allowance: 80% of rent ■Bonus Bonus(Twice a year), Achievement bonus(Once a year), Performance incentives(Once a year), 710 program bonus(Twice a year) ※710 program bonus will be paid only for first 2 years. ※Achievement bonus and Performance incentives will be decided to pay along with company’s performance. ※After the third year (from April 2025), the 7.1 million yen project special bonus will no longer be paid, so if the monthly salary increase or bonus amount is not sufficient over the two years, the annual salary may decrease.