2024 Entry-Level Position: Fashion Advisor (FA) Course


This job requires you to deliver MIKI HOUSE's ideas, products, and services to each customer based on the "SHOP" concept. This course is designed for those who wish to manage a shop or area in the future as a store manager or trainer. We are also looking for global managers who have gained experience as FAs and store managers in Japan, and who will use their careers to manage and develop overseas stores.



Employment Type
New Graduate Jobs

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《Number of employees to be hired》Approximately 20 people Two roles: Fashion Advisor (FA) & Store Manager 《Accepted Majors and Faculties》 All academic departments and disciplines are acceptable. * Accepting students graduating between September 2023 and March 2024. *Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 level required. *Also accepting candidates with the ability to speak Chinese at a native level. *Hiring people of all nationalities. 《Starting Salary》 230,000 yen  ※Varies depending on section/division. 《Salary Increase/Bonuses》 Salary increase once a year, bonus twice a year (special bonuses given depending on performance) 《Other Benefits》 Commuting allowance, overtime pay, relocation allowance, childcare allowance, etc. 《Working Hours》 8:45-18:00 (8 hours/day, 75 minutes break included) *Varies by store and department. 《Holiday Leave》 115 days off per year, paid vacations (10 days in the first year), congratulation or condolence leave 《Insurance》 Health insurance, employee pension insurance, unemployment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance

Work Location

Nationwide, Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Branch Office

Our fresh graduate recruiters understand international students.

“As we meet individuals who possess various backgrounds, we discovered that there are many students—especially foreign students—who are excellent students who are full of energy and passion but cannot find the right company that suits them. Despite their strengths and individuality, I feel that many students choose to return to their home countries due to cultural differences and overwhelming information disparities when it comes to job hunting.”

Half of the fresh graduates hired are international students!

In the ever-changing times, personnel recruitment requires a perspective that is not bound by existing frameworks. In recent years, MIKI HOUSE has set a goal of "increasing the ratio of domestic to overseas sales to 50:50" and has aligned its human resource strategy with its management strategy. In order to make global development "unique to MIKI HOUSE," we are focusing on hiring and training global human resources and fresh graduate foreign nationals instead of mid-career workers.

About the Fashion Advisor (FA) Course

You will play a crucial role as a professional who provides services that exceed the expectations of customers who come from different parts of the world. You will provide customers with “hospitality” that is fit for each and every one of them, and create value in the space and time they spend at the shop. The shop is the forefront of our branding, transmitting the worldview and thoughts of the brand. Therefore, in addition to customer service and sales, you will create stores that make the most of our sensibilities and creativity, from product lineups, devising layouts and displays, and planning fairs. You will also play a role as a life advisor, participating in the irreplaceable moments of our customers' lives, such as the birth and growth of children, and watching over them with joy.

About the Store Manager Job

In addition to the FA role, the extensive role of a Store Manager's includes shop management and working alongside the head office and business partners. Another feature of MIKI HOUSE is that there is no manual for store management, and each store's FA and Store Manager must use great discretion for each of their actions and decisions. You will handle a wide range of management related to "people, goods, and money," including staff training, proposals for new products and services, sales budget, schedule management, and sales negotiations with business partners. Marketing skills and management sense are required to analyze the customer base of your store, customer needs, regional characteristics, etc., and formulate medium- to long-term sales strategies.